ARE YOU READT TO DO ELECTRONICS PROJECT. If you’ve checked out the prices of various security systems and other niche electronic devices on online shopping sites such as Amazon, you know they don’t come cheap. But did you know that you can create most of these devices with just a handful of tools, electronic circuits, a microcontroller, and basic computer skills?

engineering students

Here are 11 easy and innovative ideas that are perfect hardware projects for engineering students.


The ability to turn lights on or off without thinking about the actual switch is quite futuristic. Using an 8051-development board, a 5V relay module, and a microcontroller, you can automate your entire home lighting system. The setup is ideal if you’d like to test your creativity with basic electronic devices.

ELECTRONICS PROJECT IS Using the same password for your digital locks isn’t the most secure way to keep intruders away since they only need to capture it once. However, OTP systems (one-time passwords) present a smart security solution that discards every password.


This WikiProject aims to provide a standard style for writing articles about electronics. The field of electronics is the study and use of electronic devices that operate by controlling the flow of electrons or other electrically charged particles in devices such as thermionic valves and semiconductors. Many subjects are closely related to electronics: telecommunicationsbiomedical, design and construction of electric and electronic circuits, hardware design, etc.

All these subjects are considered to be related to this project. In the future we may restrict the scope if the project grows too large, and sister projects about these other subjects may be split off.

Explore all electronics projects from simple electronics projects to high-end MCU and IoT projects. These projects belong to a wide range of categories such as Embedded, Power Electronics, Analog, Digital Electronics, Audio and Internet of Things. The below list of electronics projects contains 700+ projects come under various electronics engineering domains.

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